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Cross My Heart Top

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Cross my heart, that’s what will happen when you carry this flirty tee. The pretty beige and orange color and ribbed halter neckline make it the perfect summertime top to wear with jeans or while walking on the beach.


-Color: Orange, Beige 

- Material: 100% Nylon 

-Fits: True to Size!

 -Measurements: (Beige)                                         - Measurements: (Orange)

Small:      Bust: 34 Inch.    Length: 18 1/2 Inch.        Small: Bust: 34 Inch.  Length: 18 inch. 

Medium: Bust: 36 Inch.    Length: 18 1/2 Inch.       Medium: Bust: 36 Inch. Length: 20 Inch. 

Large:     Bust: 38 Inch.    Length: 19 Inch.              Large: Bust: 38 Inch. Length: 20 Inch.