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Jovani 08216

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Experience the luxury of Jovani's 08216 dress, a masterpiece of sparkle and grace. Its plunging neckline and embellished detailing are exquisitely displayed on the fitted silhouette, creating a stunning look worthy of any grand occasion. Make this dress your own and add a touch of class to your wardrobe.

COLORS: Black, Magenta, Blue, and White.

This dress is available in Magenta, Black, and Blue. 


Size 6:      Bust: 35 Inches.    Waist: 28.5 Inches.    Hips: 38.5 Inches.

Size 16:    Bust: 42 Inches.    Waist: 35 Inches.       Hips: 46 Inches. 

Size 18:    Bust: 44 Inches.    Waist: 37 Inches.       Hips: 48 Inches. 

Size 20:    Bust: 46 Inches.    Waist: 39.5 Inches.    Hips: 50 Inches.