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The Deja Vu Dress

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Step out in style with the Deja Vu Dress! This beautiful purple floral dress is the perfect blend of classic and modern style - featuring gold embroidery, puffy sleeves, a button-down center and a belt to complete the look. Get ready to catch the eye of everyone in the room this fall!

 * Size Chart:

X-Small:   Bust: 31-32 Inches.   Waist: 24-25 Inches.   Hips: 34 Inches.
Small:       Bust: 33-34 Inches.   Waist: 26-27 Inches.  Hips: 35.5-36.5 Inches. 
Medium:  Bust: 35-36 Inches.   Waist: 29-30 Inches.  Hips: 37.5-38.5 Inches.
Large:      Bust: 37-38.5 Inches. Waist: 31-33 Inches.  Hips: 39.5-42 Inches.